Tuesday, 4 March 2014

6 weeks, 35 days, 1008 beautiful hours.

6 weeks! It has been 6 weeks since my little man graced us with his presence. It has been the fastest and most amazing 6 weeks of my life! It is just unbelievable how quickly these little people slot so perfectly in to our lives and you can’t really remember a time without them. Have I mentioned I LOVE being a Mum?
My little man is just divine. I can and do spend hours just staring at him and wondering how my husband and I made something so perfect. He’s starting to smile now. Big, gummy grins that melt our hearts. He is overall a serious and thoughtful baby. He doesn’t smile a lot, but you can really see his brain ticking over most of the time. But when he does smile, it’s beautiful. And boy does he look JUST like my husband when he does smile!
His eyes look brown to me. Not surprised as my husband has dark brown eyes. My grey eyes and fair hair never really stood a chance. But you never know I guess. His hair (and there is a lot of it) is a medium brown and he seems to be getting more every day.
At our last weigh in when he was almost 5 weeks, he weighed 4.7kg (10.5lb) and measured 57cm. He is in the 93rd percentile for height and 84th for weight. He’s developing some chub in all the right places. His double chin seriously makes me melt. It’s so funny how certain features (double chin, receding hairline, dimply thighs etc.) are all considered ‘undesirable’ traits in adults, but in babies they are just drop dead gorgeous!
J loves tummy time and is holding his head up for about 30 seconds at a time before it goes bobbing back down again. His favourite place to sleep is on Mum or Dad’s chest. And I’ll be honest, he sleeps there a lot. Screw the bad habits that everyone says we’re creating.
His sleeping pattern is fairly inconsistent. Last week we had numerous five and six hour stretches which were lovely. Other nights he is up every three hours. I’m feeding on demand, none of this routine business. So I’m not complaining about those night feeds. I know one day in the too near future, he won’t need me like he does now. So for now, I enjoy it!
J’s favourite thing to do is stare at himself in the mirror and pull faces. And stick his tongue out at himself. He also LOVES his Fisher Price Snugglemonkey. That thing rarely fails to put him to sleep. In fact, the cricket sounds and the tune of twinkle, twinkle little star that is plays has on numerous occasions put me to sleep as well. Thanks Fisher Price!
My poor little man has had his first cold. No one tells you that the absolute hardest part of being a Mum isn’t the lack of sleep, the crying etc. but it is watching your little one feel unwell and feeling so helpless and guilty that you can’t take it away.
The time is going so fast and I am trying to take in every minute. Time is going so fast, we will be celebrating his 1st birthday before we know it. While I am excited for all the amazing milestones we are going to go through, I hope my little boy doesn’t grow up too fast!

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